Les équipements de confort mis au point par le Groupe GA permettent de favoriser le bien-être et la qualité de vie au travail
Indoor comfort

Innovative and efficient technical solutions for the well-being of users

Installations designed for optimal environmental performance and comfort: air handling units, lighting and triple-glazed windows.

To optimise thermal performance, GA has developed an exclusive system featuring large triple-glazed double windows with built-in electric blinds. The group also manufactures air handling units and energy-efficient lighting. All these latest-generation installations, which are connected to and managed by the Gapéo software system, enhance building users’ comfort.

Improved light and comfort with large double windows

GA’s large double windows offer optimal technical performance, an excellent acoustic insulation and are easy to use. The built-in blinds reduce the indoor temperature by 5°C during the summer in areas with façades exposed to sunlight.

Smart, energy-efficient lighting

GA uses remotely managed compact fluorescent lamps that provide both energy efficiency and comfort by adjusting in intensity in relation to ambient lighting. Users can directly control the lighting levels, which also adapt to natural lighting in order to create a pleasant environment.