Concept Office, le configurateur de bureau en ligne du Groupe GA
Concept Office

Gain time and cut costs with the Concept Office configurator

Design your tailor-made building quickly and at minimal cost using the Concept Office online configurator.

Concept Office is used to build turnkey buildings at minimal cost, with a fast turnaround. The online configurator features 12 pre-designed building plans ranging from 1,200 to 5,000 m2, paired with three façade, flooring and HVAC options. Once the plans and cost estimate have been approved, the various elements of the building are manufactured, delivered and then assembled on-site. Buildings can be completed 120 days after the building permit is issued using this innovative, tailored concept. GA is able to meet virtually all client requests through this modular solution. 

The choice is yours!

- 12 building plans

- 3 options (façade, type of flooring, HVAC)

- floor space ranging from 1 200 to 2 500 m²

- Maximum of 120 construction days

- Energy use of 35 kWh/m²

- Approximately €1 000 per m²

Your project is just a few clicks away

Do you have a building project? Log on to Concept Office, choose the desired building type, size and plan, and then select your options. You will receive an email with a cost estimate and plan. As soon as you approve the project, the GA factories will begin manufacturing the required building elements.

Design your future offices

Concept Office is a configurator that is used to build sustainable, functional buildings at a low price and on a very tight schedule.