GA propose des solutions innovantes d'immobilier d'entreprise, ici le tableau de bord des productions et consommations d'Agua
Our technologies

Innovative GA solutions and centralized control

GA is constantly developing new solutions to enhance the comfort and performance of your buildings.

GA develops smart solutions that are natural fit for its projects, offering user comfort coupled with energy efficiency. In both construction and renovation projects, these concepts and solutions combine intelligence, innovation and cutting-edge technology. These tools make buildings pleasant to spend time in, cost-efficient to operate and easy to maintain. Users are the central focus of all GA projects; from the design phase onward, their comfort, building uses and energy consumption are incorporated into the process. The overarching goal is to ensure optimal wellbeing for all building users.

FullBIM est la maquette numérique 3D BIM du Groupe GA Smartbuilding, qui couvre un projet immobilier de la conception à l'exploitation


FullBIM 3D digital mockup covers the entire project, from design to operation