Type of project : Renovated offices
Total surface area : 2 920 M²
Construction time : 12 Months
Location : North / Paris region

GA Smart Building, working for AEW Ciloger, has renovated an office building previously occupied by Peugeot. The real estate complex, which totalled 2,600 m², had fallen off the rental market, no longer meeting the expectations of potential lessees. The consultation won by GA Smart Building was aimed at restoring the building to market standards.

The GA NewSkin process, a unique renovation solution

One of the keys to GA's winning the contract proved its Newskin process. This solution makes it possible to replace an existing building façade with a new envelope that integrates all the features exclusive to GA Smart Building: triple-glazing with integrated blinds and air treatment modules to give it the performance level of a new building. Connected to the district heating grid as well as to a centralised cold production system, these new air treatment modules will provide for heating, air conditioning, air conditioning and night-time cooling (“free cooling”). In a nutshell, the façade becomes active, accommodating all the building’s technology, while the suspended ceilings are eliminated, enabling greater free height.


The GAPÉO® solution, to optimise energy performance

Designed in collaboration with architectural agency ARTE Charpentier, the offices, with an existing surface area of 2,645 m², extend over a final surface area of 2,920 m² with the creation of an additional half-level on the existing 3rd floor, extended by a terrace of 125 m². The double-height lobby built will improve the visibility of the reception area as well as user comfort. As the whole was built using GAPÉO®, GA's Active Computer-Aided Management of Energy Efficiency system, the site's power consumption is optimised- just offering further proof of the attention paid by GA Smart Building to its customers’ energy savings and to respect for the environment, without ever losing sight of user comfort expectations.

Contact Delphine Fontaine / Head of Programmes