Les métiers de GA : promoteur immobilier d'entreprise, construction de bureau professionnel, gestion locative
Our business lines

Designer, builder, developer and manager, GA an atypical actor of real estate

GA has served its clients for 140 years, providing expertise in real estate projects ranging from commercial properties to serviced residences, student housing, industrial sites and more. The group’s business units and their 400 employees work closely with clients to create, enhance and maintain their properties.

GA’s business lines span the entire real estate industry, from development to operation, design and innovation, backed by the company’s unique model and large-scale manufacturing processes. The group has structured its expertise into four complementary business units: Development and Services, Construction, Industry, and Engineering, providing an agile organisation designed to promote synergy and foster a dynamic approach. GA draws on this flexibility and high standard of excellence to consistently deliver high-quality buildings and ensure deadlines are met.

GA continues to develop its unique, integrated design and manufacturing model, which encompasses all of the group’s business lines: development, design, construction and management.

The Development Unit works with architects to design clients’ real estate projects, using processes and components manufactured by GA. The engineers and draughtspeople in the Engineering Unit then devise the calculation methods and produce working drawings for all the construction products required for the building. The Industry Unit manufactures the structural and exterior elements for GA buildings in the group’s five factories, as well as temperature control installations, air handling systems, lighting and triple-glazed windows. The Construction Unit assembles all of these components mechanically on-site. This entire process enhances construction quality and precision, shortens lead times and reduces the impact on the environment. 

Viewpoint Kader Guettou / Deputy Managing Director, Enterprise Unit
« All of the units at GA implement innovative technologies developed by the group for all of its business lines to ensure that our clients’ real estate projects combine technical feasibility, cost efficiency, on-time delivery and client satisfaction.»