Labège – Haute-Garonne GA entrusted with the future Concession Equation building

The KOALA group, Concession Equation and GA group, have just laid the first stone of Labège’s future Concession Equation of Labège.

Ryadh Sallem
Ryadh Sallem
High-level athlete, community activist, Social and Solidarity Economy entrepreneur and Paris 2024 Ambassador

We have the ability to analyse our impact on our environment and must be more ambitious. We should be anticipating the integration or reintegration of living things, upstream from any urban, construction, renovation or facilitation project. And every time we create spaces where we know that plants will grow and climb, that animal species will find a refuge...

Excerpt from the article “For the future, I dream of an inclusive city that will celebrate all living things”


Ga Concession Equation Labege
December 9 2019

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