Gestionnaire immobilier d'entreprise, GA Services assure la gestion de bâtiment professionnel et la gestion locative

Tailor-made management of your buildings and development of your properties

The GA Group’s Services Unit handles the overall management of your real property – whether it was built by GA or not -- with a focus on performance.

GA Services implements increasingly innovative tools for communicating buildings for the benefit of occupiers, clients and owners. 

With 24 new management mandates and a total managed area of 650,000 square metres, GA Services saw its property manager activity grow significantly in 2016.

A commercial property manager

GA Services is noted for its culture of partner service provider. This DNA is grounded first and foremost in proximity to clients, with 11 employees spread out over France in four areas (Rhône Alpes, Toulouse, Île de France and Alsace). These men and women are responsive, committed people who are attentive to their clients’ needs. They make up a unit that is on a small enough scale to be manageable, in a group renowned for its expertise in construction. 

GA Services provides technical control of buildings for all categories of tertiary-sector property through four types of authority: technical management, rental management, management of condominiums and management of inter-company restaurant associations. 

A firm commitment to the performance of property assets

The GA Services approach aims to improve user companies’ attractiveness and increase the asset value of the buildings by vitalising all the aspects of their performance: environmental and financial performance as well as performance related to how the buildings are operated and used. 

With regard to operation, GA Services provides both technical and routine services, ranging from the selection and control of service providers to the management of requests for repair or maintenance work. GA Services coordinates the management of professional buildings in keeping with desired levels of services and with due regard for expense budgets. 

GA Services is also firmly committed to energy performance and to this end has set up tools for monitoring, analysing and optimizing consumption. An Energy Performance Contract can be drawn up on GA buildings to keep energy consumption under control for clients who so desire. 

It is important that our buildings are well maintained and well-managed, and that our lessees’ requests are met within reasonable time frames. Efficient and resourceful, the GA Services teams have been satisfying these requirements for ten years in the Lyon and Toulouse regions, where they manage some 129,000 m² of tertiary property.

Marta Grezes, asset manager at Eurosic, in charge of building management in the provinces

Viewpoint Caroline Loeper / Head of Development, GA Services
We maintain close relations with lessees – it’s part of who we are. For building owners, it’s a guarantee that occupancy levels will remain satisfactory.
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