GA a construit le Campus Thales Bordeaux à Mérignac. Ce sont 60 000 m² de bureaux conçus par Jean-Philippe Le Covec © Graphix Images
GA Smart Building

Smart building specialist GA is a property development and construction firm that provides intelligent, design-conscious and connected solutions.

A key player in the off-site construction industry, GA Smart Building has been offering its customers a fully comprehensive property development and sustainable building service for 140 years now.

It’s no longer enough just to minimise the negative impact of our actions, now more than ever before we have to work together to leave things better than we found them, which is why GA Smart Building is committed to designing and constructing sustainable, smart buildings for the cities of the future. Environmentally-friendly buildings built with the people who use them in mind.

Creating a unique building system

GA Smart Building is a property development and construction firm that has developed its own special “mass-production” building system enabling it to reduce both the duration of works and the number of on-site accidents, while honouring all its commitments in terms of cost control, quality assurance and deadline management.  

GA Smart Building prides itself on being at the forefront of innovation, also providing intelligent, design-conscious and connected solutions, which it uses to produce buildings that are modern, intelligent, efficient and economical, designed with both their end-users’ needs and the environment in mind.

By joining forces with the leading producer of wooden modular Ossabois building materials in France, GA Smart Building has become a major player in the off-site construction industry. The venture already has 8 factories in France ready to supply prefabricated components for use in its construction projects and is stepping up its cooperation as it sets its sights on dominating these newly-entered markets. For GA, this means the residential sector, while Ossabois is looking to cement its new-found position in the services sector.

A responsible vision for property development and construction

Did you know that 60% of a building’s total emissions are released during its construction? That’s precisely why we have to lead by example and build differently. GA Smart Building is already working to come up with new and innovative mixed wood-concrete building solutions that will allow it to reduce its carbon footprint in line with future regulatory requirements long before they are written into law. 

Building loyalty through deeper trust

The Group tries to be sustainable in everything it does. This principle extends even to the way it builds and maintains relations with its customers, partners and employees. By ensuring it always delivers on its commitment to produce only sustainable buildings designed with the needs and wants of their end-users in mind, GA Smart Building has been able to develop a loyal customer base, some of whom have been with the firm for over 30 years now. 

We believe that we work better together when we’re all in it together, which is why GA Smart Building’s employees have owned 60% of the company since 2017. The fact that everyone holds a stake in the company gives special meaning to what we do, creating a feeling of involvement, dedication and company loyalty in all of us.

Sébastien Matty, Président du Groupe GA Smart Building, entreprise de construction durable


“Making a difference by designing and constructing smart, sustainable buildings for the city of tomorrow”

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