GA conçoit votre immeuble de bureaux de demain, comme ici avec Luminem à Bobigny, dessiné par l'architecte François Leclercq

Designing the living and working environments of the future

Co-working, mobility, remote work and entrepreneurship are some of the New Ways of Working that are shaking up the corporate world. Digital technology is omnipresent, whether you are at home, at work, in the street or in your car.  Computers, tablets and smartphones are an integral part of our lives. This constant connectivity, regardless of time, place or equipment, creates new expectations among employees.

The GA Group meets these needs by adapting its products and services to these new ways of living and working, and by facilitating the connectivity of people, buildings and objects. It designs its buildings so they can incorporate not only today’s technology but also future technology that does not even exist yet, and enables them to benefit from excellent network coverage for the sake of connectivity.

Attentive to the new uses, GA creates tomorrow’s great places to work, tailored to users’ needs and well-being.

Like co-working spaces, new real estate products are profoundly changing the way work spaces are designed. These mixed, more versatile products must meet workers’ new needs.   

To help clients anticipate these new needs, the men and women at GA are by their sides as they think through their upcoming projects, and act as interpreters of their real estate schemes by working with them to design the building that matches their expectations. To do so, the teams rely on the technology developed by the Group, on all its trades and on its monitoring of forecasts.

Exemplary work environments in the Group

With its new headquarters, Agua, the Group has created a new generation of offices that are more suited to the new ways workplaces are used. Agua was designed to be the incubator of the new working methods. It is the tangible proof of the group’s commitment to its employees’ well-being and performance. To provide them with a flexible environment and with fixtures and fittings adapted to each person’s needs, these New Ways of Working were given careful thought. 

The goal is to create emulation and ties within and between departments, foster creativity, and make information circulate more smoothly, in particular by using meeting rooms for multiple purposes. 

In Toulouse as in Paris, GA offices have been redesigned to encourage collaborative work, generate pleasure and contribute to the growth and fulfilment of employees and visitors alike. The flexoffice layout of the Paris offices, for example, allows employees to set up their workspaces by project teams to foster creativity and productivity.

Architecture at the service of new uses

Architecture too is adapting to these new uses. In collaboration with the Promotion unit, architects who partner with GA design new real estate schemes based on processes and components created by GA. The Group has always maintained a continual dialogue with its partner architects in order to constantly develop its technologies or invent new processes, and to design spaces conducive to well-being. As architect François Leclercq says, GA’s building processes give us a very wide choice in terms of the visual appearance of the façade, and enable us to build buildings with top-of-the-range finishing at a controlled cost. And what’s more, it’s very precise - an architect’s dream.”

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Concept Office is used to build turnkey buildings at minimal cost, with a fast turnaround. The online configurator features 12 pre-designed building plans ranging from 1 200 to 5 000 m², paired with three façade, flooring and HVAC options. Once the plans and cost estimate have been approved, the various elements of the building are manufactured, delivered and then assembled on-site. Buildings can be completed 120 days after the building permit is issued using this innovative, tailored concept. GA is able to meet virtually all client requests through this modular solution.

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