Sébastien Matty, Président du Groupe GA Smart Building, entreprise de construction durable

“Making a difference by designing and constructing smart, sustainable buildings for the city of tomorrow”

We bring the buildings of the future to life.

We spend 90% of our time in buildings and with the ever-increasing pace of urban expansion driven by an energy-guzzling construction industry, there is no denying that property development is largely to blame for many of the environmental problems we are currently facing  — its impact on the planet, cities and our overall quality of life is clear to see. In an effort to mitigate these negative effects, GA Smart Building has made a commitment to build for life. It offers its customers a fully comprehensive service from conception and design all the way through to construction, creating smart, sustainable buildings fit for the cities of the future. 

“Buildings for life don’t just benefit the planet, they’re appreciated by the people who live and work in them, too.”

Predicting a better future is all well and good, but we have chosen to go that one step further and lay the foundations necessary to make it a reality. It’s no longer enough just to minimise the negative impact of our actions, now more than ever before we have to work together to leave things better than we found them.

“We have to build for life”. Obviously this involves building “for the environment” — which we achieve through our use of the latest in intelligent methods — constructing understated, energy-efficient buildings that will blend effortlessly into the landscape of the cities of tomorrow. But this principle is also about creating living and work spaces designed with the people who will ultimately be using them in mind.

Our efforts to be more responsible while improving the quality of life in our buildings, our cities and on our planet as a whole are driven by our commitments to local residents, communities, our partners and our customers, some of whom have been with us for over 30 years now.

“Focussing our attention on developing mutually beneficial partnerships and conquering new markets”

This extends even to our employees who, as of 2017, have represented 60% of GA Smart Building’s total shareholders. The fact that everyone holds a stake in the company gives special meaning to what we do, creating a feeling of involvement, dedication and company loyalty in us all. 

It was in this spirit that we made the joint decision to bring OSSABOIS into our family. There were numerous reasons behind our choice. The major draw was the carbon footprint-reducing advantage of the firm’s mixed wood-concrete solutions, but we were also attracted by the shorter lead times offered by OSSABOIS’s modular constructions. Since welcoming OSSABOIS into our fold, we have made quite the name for ourselves in dry-casting and off-site assembly. What’s more, this partnership has proven the final piece of the puzzle for both of us when it comes to capturing new markets. For GA, this was the residential sector, while OSSABOIS had its sights firmly set on the services sector — both of which we were able to conquer through stronger synergy.

Sébastien Matty