Sébastien Matty, Président du Groupe GA Smart Building, entreprise de construction durable
Building the future

“By putting the user experience at the centre of our preoccupations, digital technology changes our clients’ expectations”

For our clients’ sake, we are designing tomorrow’s real estate.

In the property sector as elsewhere, the digital revolution is in under way. It provides better solutions to changing habits: offices that adapt to users’ needs, thus improving their well-being; connected objects, resulting in more associated services; and efficient new monitoring tools that optimize the spaces. The data, which we collect and analyse, also helps us determine our clients’ needs more accurately and adapt their buildings to the way employees really use them. GA buildings are designed and built to be smart buildings that incorporate all the most innovative new services.

GA made the switch to digital technology in 2014 with FullBIM, the digital model that imports digital technology into the heart of our trade. To take digitization even further and to drive the spiral of innovation that exists today, three units are at work: R&D, which aims to enrich products; participative innovation, where digitization helps report employees’ ideas up to management more efficiently; and open innovation, which is based on sharing and collaboration with the different stakeholders, especially start-ups. Thanks to this arrangement we continue to innovate more and faster. 

As a factor of well-being at the workplace and employee performance, business real estate must adapt to users in order to offer them the greatest possible comfort and convenience and the greatest possible number of services. Every one of our initiatives and innovations is focused on this goal. Our priority is to simplify the lives of our buildings’ users while improving their performance.

Sébastien Matty